​​Saturday Evening Worship:
Contemporary Service: 5:35 pm

Sunday Morning Worship:
Traditional Service: 9:30 am
Contemporary Service: 11:00 am

Children's ministry offered during all services.

Fall Creek Teens;

7-8 grade: Saturdays at 5:15 pm

9-12 grade: Sundays at 6 pm

Friendship Bible Study (adults with disabilities)

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Here at Fall Creek Christian Church, we recognize that everyone is on this journey called life. We invite you to be a part of the mission. "To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

God is doing great things through His people. Everything that we do is for the purpose of Reaching Up (to God), Reaching In (to other believers) and Reaching out (to our community)

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What We  Believe


Current Sermon Series

Fifty years after Jesus returned to heaven, his followers had multiplied. It was a time of rapid growth and accelerating persecution. In addition to persecution, they were under assault by false teaching. All the apostles including Paul were dead except for one – John, Jesus’ best friend. His pen came alive after all the others were stilled. The gospel of John, I, II, and III John and finally Revelation were the last words we have from Jesus’ inner circle. In I John, John lays out the most vital aspects of the faith in order to confront the lies that were coming up against Jesus’ church. For the next five weeks, we’ll dive into one chapter at a time to get down to the heart of the matter regarding what it means to follow Jesus. 

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