Sunday Morning & Evening Worship:
Traditional Service: 9:30 am
Contemporary Service: 11:00 am

Contemporary Service 5:05 pm

Children's ministry offered during all services.

Fall Creek Teens;

9-12 grade:- Sundays at 6 pm

7-8 grade:- Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Friendship Bible Study (adults with disabilities)

Meets monthly Sept - May at 6:30pm

Here at Fall Creek Christian Church, we recognize that everyone is on this journey called life. We invite you to be a part of the mission. "To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

God is doing great things through His people. Everything that we do is for the purpose of Reaching Up (to God), Reaching In (to other believers) and Reaching out (to our community)

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What We  Believe


Current Sermon Series

When we begin to walk with Jesus, we sincerely read his word, connect with others who believe in him, and with his help obey what he says. Along the way, we pick up ideas here and there about God. We use those ideas to define a relationship with him that we operate within and within which we fully expect him to operate as well. Then it happens. Life. Our understanding of that relationship doesn't work. We sputter along with doubts and confusion. We're uneasy. Then it happens again. Life. We simply cannot resolve the tension between what we thought and believed about God and what is happening in our lives. Our faith is shaken. We're in a crisis. Now what? In this series, we'll honestly pursue the tension of those moments when what we thought we knew about God doesn't work in the real world. People in the Bible did it all the time, shouldn't we? 

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