More Than Just OK

‚ÄčIf we were to be asked whether we would like to live an average life or an above average life, most of us would choose above average. After all, okay is just okay. If that's true, why are so few people experiencing more than just okay? There are typically two things that keep us down. The first is the common reality that we have no clear picture of the future. The second is that we don't have a clearly defined path to get there even if we know where "there" is. Thankfully, God in his word addresses these questions so that "more than okay" can be our day to day experience versus some pie in the sky dream. 


Saturday Evening Worship:
Contemporary Service: 5:35 pm

Sunday Morning Worship:
Traditional Service: 9:30 am
Contemporary Service: 11:00 am

Children's ministry offered during all services.

Other Services:

Fall Creek Teens (7-12 grades);

Sundays at 6 pm

Friendship Bible Study (Adults with Disabilities); Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Here at Fall Creek Christian Church, we recognize that everyone is on this journey called life. It's filled with many ups and downs, which often times leaves us confused and feeling very alone. 

We provide many opportunities to serve week in and week out at Fall Creek. We believe this is vital to the spiritual growth of every Christian. From the children's ministry to music, there is a place for you.

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