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The time had come for Jesus to set aside the hammer and the saw. The people, having been prepared by John the Baptist, were ready to embrace God's Messiah, God's very own Son. Following His baptism and his testing by Satan in the wilderness, Jesus called his disciples. They were men just like you and me, ordinary Joes. He told them, however, that they were going to be a part of an extraordinary mission, an eternally significant search and rescue mission, as a matter of fact. This team of men faced a daunting task, but they had some very powerful allies in their corner--Jesus and each other. In light of the millions and millions of Christians today, we get a pretty good idea as to how they did with the mission. Jesus' invitation to join in on that mission extends to us today. And, just like his first disciples, we will need Jesus and each other too. I look forward to linking arms with you as we go forward with him together!

- Tom Wiles, Senior Minister

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Men's Bible Study
Wednesdays | 6:30am | Anita's Diner

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