Missions We Support

CMF International - ​​​Larry & Debbie Kineman
Larry and Debbie arrived in Great Britain in 1993 to join Christian Missionary Fellowship’s church-planting team. They have planted two churches, assisted with others, and ministered to numerous individuals. Their current ministry in the city of Worcester aims to address the social problems among young people with Christian alternatives and a church that is relevant to those needs.

Madison County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Program 
The Madison County Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program communicates and shares the saving power, hope and love of Christ to the imprisoned, victims, sheriff's department employees and their families.

Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp
Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp is a ministry located just outside Rushville, Indiana.  They provide Christian summer camp programs for students in first grade through high school.  They also serve as a retreat center, providing lodging and food service for groups of fifteen to one hundred twenty people. Mission: Introduce people to a lifestyle and life work for the Master. 

Medical Missions of India (Benevolent Social Services of India)
Emry and Usha Rees work in India among people with leprosy and HIV/AIDS.

More Than Conquerors
More Than Conquerors provides safe places to empower generations. We began in 2016 hosting a free after-school program as well as free community events. Our free after school program is for any 4th-8th graders in the local school district. During our after school program and events we always share God's love to others. We are always looking for volunteers of all ages to do all sorts of things like driving, cooking side dishes, and even playing dodgeball! 

North Burma Christian Mission
North Burma Christian Mission exists to reach out to the peoples of Asia with the Kingdom message of reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ. Tom and Debbie Morse work in evangelism, leadership training and ministering to women’s groups. Tom makes periodic trips to the remote tribal villages to encourage and train the many indigenous Lisu pastors who have been assigned to minister in the northern Thailand area. 

Outfitters, Inc.
Outfitters, Inc. is a Christian service that exists to provide new and quality used clothing to children from low-income families in South Madison County.

Safe Families of Madison County
Safe Families for Children is a nonprofit, faith-based organization providing temporary placement of children for families in crisis.

Woodburn Christian Children’s Home
The Woodburn Christian Children's Home, a ministry of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, provides a Christian family environment for children who are homeless or who have other special needs. WCCH is supported entirely by voluntary contribution. They receive no federal, state or county support. They are entirely dependent upon private contributors who enable them to operate on a cash basis. 

Zimbabwe Outreach Ministries (Hearing and Receiving Christ Ministries)
In a nation where unemployment is 90% and the life expectancy is 28-32 years with many dying of AIDS, TB, Malaria and starvation, the mission is to offer the hope of Christ in the pain and suffering the Zimbabwean people experience now on a daily basis. Mission: We are a Christ-centered ministry that strives to give empowerment and ownership to the people of Zimbabwe so they may develop vision and create ministries that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alliance of Christian Missions International
After World War II, several people from the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the United States wanted to begin mission work in the Belgian Congo. The first missionaries were sent to the Congo in 1948 to begin the work. They have since expanded geographically to serve several areas worldwide. Mission: Accept Christ’s call. Cultivate relationships. Make disciples. Influence the world. 

The Christian Center
The Christian Center serves individuals from a variety of different situations, some due to past choices and some just due to difficult circumstances. As a faith-based, non-denominational, nonprofit organization, it is The Christian Center's intent to see that every soul being served becomes who God intends them to be…regardless of where they are in life now. Mission: Offering a transformed life in Christ to the Hungry, Hurting and Homeless.

Christian Counseling Service
Christian Counseling Services is a counseling ministry of the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Central Indiana which provides Christian counseling services and biblical solutions for individuals, families and groups. Contact Charley Gerber at (765) 289-1631.

Christian Student Foundation (Ball State)
CSF was born in the ministry of the University Christian Church in the 1960s. Today they are governed by a board of directors representing more than 100 supporting churches who want to see Christianity thrive on a state university campus. Their vision is a legacy of architects, entrepreneurs, teachers and professionals of all kinds who are first disciples of Jesus.

Cru - Sally Barrett
Cru is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ International in the U.S. Their purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship. Sally Barrett works with college students in Slovenia doing spirituality surveys and sharing the gospel. She also meets with students on a weekly basis for discipleship, bible studies, non-believer studies, and other gospel focused events.  Mission: Win, build, and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who launch spiritual movements.

David’s Well (Panama)
David’s Well is a mission which endeavors to establish churches throughout Latin America while demonstrating the love of God through providing food, medical attention, school supplies, aqueducts, and building projects along with sharing the word of God.

Deaf Ministries International
Dewayne Leibrandt works primarily in the north Burma region. Deaf Ministries International works in 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, helping to establish resources and facilities to bring the message of Christ and aid to those who are deaf. The four main focus areas are physical, emotional, spiritual and academic health. 

​East Lynn Christian Church Food Pantry
East Lynn Christian Church has been serving the Madison County area for many years by providing meals and food to low-income families. FCCC supports East Lynn with our food pantry donations. 

Hippo Valley Christian Mission
An American soldier, shivering in the cold of a Nazi prison camp in the closing months of the Second World War, pleaded for God to spare his life. It was then and there he made a vow to give the rest of his life in service to Him. That was a promise that John C. Pemberton never forgot. It was also one that would ultimately change the lives of thousands in Zimbabwe. Their goal is to offer holistic ministry that touches the body, the mind and the soul.

Hodges at IUPUI
Andrew and Samantha Hodges serve students on the IUPUI campus through Impact Campus Ministries where Andrew is the Lead Campus Minister. They believe God has called them to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in a new and fresh way to IUPUI in the areas of discipleship, worship, service and fellowship.

Integrity ‘N Faith – Jill Shaw
Jill Shaw’s ministry in New Zealand is nearly as diverse as the country itself. Auckland has 200 ethnicities in an urban context where 98.5% are religiously disengaged—a postChristian opportunity the Apostle Paul might have seized! Jill is focused on growing local leaders, multiplying believers, making disciples who will make disciples, and mentoring missionaries throughout the South Pacific and beyond.