We have an architect and a builder all ready to roll. We have over $300,000 in our building fund. This project, as of today, will cost approximately $850,000 which includes sitework and furnishings. The elders are in complete consensus and under spiritual conviction that we are not to borrow money for this project. We believe the Holy Spirit will convince all of us who consider Fall Creek Christian Church our church home, now and those who will later, to give generously above and beyond our regular giving. Our next steps are two fold.

1. Pray. Pray. Pray.
        ...and then pray some more.

2. Give. Give as God leads you to give.
       Give cheerfully. Give generously.

When the funds are in place, construction will start. Our building campaign is called, “The Future is NOW.”
We will leave a display up in the lobby tracking our progress. The date of groundbreaking is, as it should be, in the hands of God.


God has called us to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus. It is the conviction of our future planning team, our staff, many members of our church family, and the elders that our current facility limits our kids and teen ministries’ effectiveness now and will seriously limit it in the years to come. It’s about reaching people for Jesus. We are absolutely convinced that God has brought us as a church to this step of faith. 


We believe God wants us to provide a new kid’s and teens’ building addition. This addition will have four grade school classrooms, a nursery, a preschool room, a kitchen, a junior high school room, a senior high school room, bathrooms, and a large group meeting room (150-200 capacity). It will have its own covered entrance as well as a connecting hallway to the gym.